Sunday 21 July 2013

NoteLynX Outliner Mindmap Wiki

NoteLynX Image

Outliner, Mindmapper and Wiki Notepad all in one!
NoteLynX is the unique, new 3-in-1 Mindmap and Outlining tool with exciting possibilities..

* Outliner for Hierarchical Lists 
* Mindmap for Graphical View
* Wiki Memo for Hyperlinks between Notes

Plus, the powerful Multiple Parents feature allows a child note to be linked to more than one parent although defined only once (so it can be in multiple Outline/Mindmap categories).


Unknown said...

Hi, very nice program. i miss a desktop app which can sync with the NoteLynX.
At the moment I know 2 pc apps which work with the similar tree structure: TheBrain ( and Leo ( I chose TheBrain and i've written two perl scripts, which convert TheBrain BrainXML exchange file to the NoteLynX exchange xml and vice versa. They are packed with all perl stuff to be executed.
brain2nl ( )
nl2brain ( )
Use -help option to see a brief info how to use them.

Please, send me email in case of issues.


AstroDean said...

Thank you very much, your scripts work very well converting between NoteLynX and Brain XML.

Another way to use NoteLynX on the desktop is to install BlueStacks Android player ( Then, to cloud sync with your Android, follow the instructions in the User Guide FAQ.

Allekz said...

Is there another ¡and faster! BlueStacks alternative?

AstroDean said...

Not that I am aware of, however, I find that NoteLynX runs faster in BlueStacks than on Android!

Unknown said...

Actually, there's a Windows/Linux desktop app written in Python, TreeLine, which works with tree structures as well. I'm using it regularly, and that was a reason I was looking for an Android app with similar possibilities. And since my eyes are anything but good, I needed it to be able to adjust font size both in tree view and in node view, which NoteLynx does pretty well

qt said...

I'm not a programmer, I'm afraid. I downloaded brain2nl and nl2brain, and ran into problems.

The -help option didn't work for either.

I did get the description for nl2brain, and a very brief description for brain2nl. But I'm wasn't able to make much sense of them. So...

I take it all the parameters in nl2brain are necessary? And that the "-out_resource_path" parameter is a new file (or a particular Brain-specific file) that Brain copies the images to?

If I'm reading it right, all the parameters in "brain2nl" are optional. And the brief listing didn't define them well. I'm sure a "real" programmer had no trouble with them, but I wasn't at all sure how to use it. Could you give an example for us lurkers?

Sorry to stick this in the NoteLynx stack, but I thought I might not be the only mere user here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Had a problem with Notelynx on an old (actually, one of the first) Android tablets, probably due to the hardware. Developer literally answered intial email with 5 minutes. Later took more time than he should have to code up a diagnostic program for my use and emailed it to me.

I like also that I have never lost any notes taken. Very solid, actively developed program.

Kevin said...

Not sure if this the right forum but I can't get a decent sync between my Samsung Note 5 phone and my Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet. User guide says to point dropsy NC to "export" folder but there is no such folder on phone. There is a "backup" folder but it doesn't seem to sync. Help?

AstroDean said...

Kevin, the name of the export folder is "NoteLynX". It is this that you need to sync with.

Anonymous said...

I was stumped for a while, coming to android; I had grown attached to wikidpad on Windows and Linux.

Then, I found Notelynx. It looks nothing like Wikidpad, but that's ok, Wikidpad on Android looks like it will always be in beta.

The functions of a hierarchical note manager that I need are here, though; once I bothered to learn how to use it. So, it functions like what I was used to; and that's what's important.

I just wish I could download it through F-Droid. oh, well...

Anonymous said...

Where is the userguide?

The helpfunction tell me to consult the userguide - there is no entry for a userguide, even google 'NoteLynX Pro userguide' does not bring up a userguide. Is this a big spoof?